xoow is a philosophy of life that emphasizes certain linked values and concepts.

we design state-of-the-art clothing, we publish xoowmagazine, we produce the line of xowfood delicatessen products, we organize events offering integrated design, marketing and advertising services at our xoowdreamsfactory and we publish music at the xoowmusicfactory.

  • xoowmagazine:

    a magazine dealing with trends and opinions which vindicates certain values that are in danger of disappearing.
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  • fashion concept:


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  • xoowfood:

    select products for the most demanding tastes / organic products for the most discerning palates. delicatessen.
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  • xoowdreamsfactory:

    we offer the best consultants, suppliers, products, establishments and range of experience to ensure that your personal business project is given bright, exciting added value.
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